Ezgo TXT 48V Electric Golf Cart


Look no further than this exceptional Ezgo TXT 48V Electric Golf Cart

First and foremost, this Ezgo TXT 48V Electric Golf Cart boasts an extended roof, providing ample shade and protection from the elements. No matter the weather conditions, you can enjoy a comfortable ride around the course while staying cool and dry.

Equipped with a lift kit, wheels, and tires, this golf cart stands out from the crowd in terms of both style and functionality. The lift kit enhances ground clearance, allowing you to tackle any terrain with ease, while the sturdy wheels and tires ensure excellent traction and stability throughout your golfing adventure.

With its powerful 48 Volt System, this golf cart delivers impressive performance and acceleration, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride every time you hit the green. You can experience the thrill of speed while maintaining control and precision on the course.

This Ezgo TXT 48V Electric Golf Cart is designed with convenience in mind. The rear flip seat, accompanied by a grab bar, provides additional seating for your companions, allowing everyone to join in on the fun. The diamond-plated rockers and chrome bumpers add a touch of sophistication and durability to this already impressive cart.

Enhanced visibility is guaranteed with the LED front and rear lights, ensuring you can navigate the course even in low-light conditions. The folding windshield provides protection from wind and debris, while the rear view panel mirrors help you stay aware of your surroundings and ensure a safe drive.

Monitoring your battery charge level is made easy with the built-in battery gauge, allowing you to plan your game accordingly and avoid any unexpected interruptions. Plus, this golf cart comes with a charger, ensuring you can conveniently recharge your cart whenever necessary.

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Ezgo TXT 48V Electric Golf Cart
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