Craneberry Carts Accessibility Statement

At CraneberryCarts, we are dedicated to ensuring digital accessibility for individuals with disabilities. As a dealer serving the public good, we strive to provide a website that is inclusive and accessible to all users. We collaborate with our website provider to enhance the user experience and incorporate relevant accessibility tools and standards.

Our website is built on a platform provided by our trusted partner, which adheres to the W3C standards for HTML and CSS. This ensures that our site displays correctly on current browsers and should continue to do so on future browsers.

Measures to Support Accessibility

To ensure accessibility on sites built on their platform, our website partner takes the following measures:

1. Continuous Improvement: Accessibility is an integral part of their ongoing improvement process.

2. Formal Quality Assurance: They employ formal accessibility quality assurance methods to identify and address accessibility issues.

3. Technical and Legal Expertise: They stay updated on the technical and legal aspects of accessibility to the best of their ability.

Our Commitment to Accessibility

As a dealer, we are committed to making our website accessible to all visitors. While there may not be clearly defined legal requirements for commercial websites serving the public, we have a strong commitment to meeting the needs of all users.

We strive to ensure that information about our prices, promotions, events, hours of operation, and location is understandable to everyone.

Reporting Accessibility Issues

If you encounter any content or features on our site that are not accessible to individuals with disabilities, we encourage you to provide feedback. You can contact us by phone or by using the form below, specifying the page URL and providing a brief description of the inaccessible content or functionality. We also appreciate any suggestions for improvement.

Your feedback is invaluable as we continuously work towards improving the accessibility of our website and accommodating the needs of all visitors.

Thank you for your support and for joining us on our journey towards a more accessible online experience.

Contact Us

If you wish to report an accessibility issue, have any questions or need assistance, please contact Craneberry Carts:

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